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Dana Rice and Mike Pinkham Setting the Trays in the Pound

Welcoming Our First Clams

June 30th was a big day for the shellfish lab and team–Shellfish Warden Mike Pinkham brought the first batch of clam spat back to the lab! With our team of intrepid volunteers we set out to install our nursery trays. These clams will spend this summer and fall outside in the lobster pound enjoying local algae and (hopefully) growing into seed clams.

The process was really fun–mostly due to our amazing team of volunteers.…

Giving DMR a Hand in John Small Cove

Schoodic Institute uses the word “authentic” to describe student scientific investigations that addresses real community problems and questions. It is also authentic because students learn by working with professional scientists and, along the way, learn that science goes on outside as well as inside, requires hard work, and sometimes involves getting dirty and, as this picture shows, can require some agility.…

Plant pot with net collar

Setting Up and Deploying the Plastic Plant Pot Experiment

This post provides detailed instructions about how to set out the plastic plant pot experiments that are at the heart of work that students do in CSI-Maine. It provides a list of materials and tells you what to do with them.  If any of this is confusing or seems to leave something, please tell us by leaving a reply using the link at the top of the post, right below the title.…