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Making Tuva Files Available to Students

Boothbay Harbor at low tide. Photo by Ryssby at the English language Wikipedia

In this post, we show you how to make a dataset that you uploaded to Tuva available to students for their own exploration and use. We will work with the Boothbay Harbor sea surface temperature (SST) dataset that we uploaded in an earlier “how to” post. We also illustrate a few of the many things you can do with Tuva, including “filtering” the data so that you only see a part of the data.  We will also show you how to change the range of the axes on a graph and how to save a particular graph for future use. As in our first post using Tuva, we will assume that you are using the basic, free version that Tuva makes available to teachers. Of course, what we show you here also works with the premium version. The premium version also provides with additional ways to make assignments available to students that you will probably want to use if you have access to that product.  Continue reading

Loading a First Dataset into Tuva

Graph of sea surface temperature change in Boothbay HarborGood tools make it simpler for students to explore data visually.  One good tool is a data manipulation and graphing package called “Tuva” that is available from Tuva Labs.  An alternative to Tuva called CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform), created by the Concord Consortium. CSI-Maine teachers will want to use one of these tools so that students can easily use graphs to explore questions about what is going on with climate, crabs, and clams.  In this post, we show you how to get started with Tuva.  Continue reading