Crowd the Tap Maine

Crowd the Tap Maine (CTTM) is a program that supports teachers and students as they explore drinking water quality in their community. Students collect data about drinking water quality from homes and buildings all across the community and look for patterns and differences. If they find one part of the community where the drinking water seems more likely to have troublesome odors, tastes, colors, or chemical properties than in other parts of the community, the students work with municipal officials and others to figure out what the problem might be and, potentially, to help in correcting it.

Program Update – 10/19/2020

We are currently in the pilot phase of this program and are working with eight teachers and about 300 students in six different schools. At this time — mid October — teachers are just getting started having kids collect water samples.

Right now, because the project is just getting started and is growing, we are adding several new posts each week that will help the pilot teachers use CTTM in their classrooms. Here is a link to the most recent posts. If you would like email notifications when we add new posts, fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

For Teachers: CTTM Gets Underway at Sumner Memorial High School

Schoodic Institute Education Specialist Sarah Hooper has begun work with Pathways students at Sumner High School on a CTTM project aimed at creating a comprehensive report on water quality in the old Sumner High School building before it is torn down and replaced by a new middle and high school learning center. Water quality in the old building is a problem. Students want to be sure that problems are identified and addressed in the new building.

Sarah is using an instructional design that emphasizes the importance of students’ figuring things out on their own rather than being told what to do. In her post titled “Inviting Inquiry,” she describes what happened during the first class session and includes her lesson plan, updated and commented to reflect the changes she made on the fly as she worked with the students. Don’t miss this post!

Detailed Guidance for Teachers About Collecting Water Data

The CTTM data that students collect will be stored in an online data sharing platform called Anecdata that was created and is maintained by the team at the MDI Biological Laboratory. Crowd the Tap Maine IS now ready for use on Anecdata. Over the next week or two we will schedule Zoom sessions with the pilot teachers so they can set up accounts and help students enter data.

But — we don’t have to wait for that! We can start collecting data NOW! Students can enter data into Anecdata later, once teachers are comfortable with the online system. Once students have actually collected some data, they will be more interested in getting it online and seeing it on a map.

To help teachers get students started with collecting data now that they will upload later, we have created a page of Instructions About How to Get Started.

Email Us if You Have Questions or Need Something

We are excited to finally be at a point where all of you can get your students “into the field” and collecting drinking water data. However, since we have been working over the last few weeks to create all the forms and instructions for students that we are now sharing with you, we also know from first-hand experience that you might have questions.

You have our email addresses — write to us if you need help.

And … be sure to have a look at the Instructions About How to Get Started.

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