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NGSS and CSI-Maine

Middle school students setting out experiments

Students at Edna Drinkwater School setting out shellfish experiments, May 2018.

CSI-Maine is an excellent way to give students deep experience in all eight of the science and engineering practices¬†identified in the¬†Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and in the Framework for K-12 Science Education. As a project that is focused on questions about systems and change over time, it also provides great opportunities to bring NGSS cross-cutting concept to the forefront. As for subject matter content, CSI-Maine can support learning about ecosystems, population dynamics, zoology, and statistics, just to name a few of the many kinds of knowledge that can be brought into focus in this project. We have created a series of articles on this website to help teachers tie CSI-Maine to learning standards. The article that follows is a “jumping off place” for other resources on this site. Continue reading