About Us

CSI-Maine is a community education program sponsored by the Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park. It works with partner non-profit organizations, teachers, and schools to help Maine communities obtain information that they can use to manage rapid environmental change while also providing students with opportunities to learn while doing authentic, meaningful scientific work.

CSI-Maine Program Team

Sarah Hooper Photo

Sarah Hooper is the Education Specialist at Schoodic Institute. Prior to returning to Maine (her master’s degree in wildlife biology is from UMaine), she taught middle school and high school science for 13 years in an Albuquerque, NM school that focused on outdoor, experiential, project-based learning. Before becoming a teacher, she worked as a wildlife biologist for the Bureau of Land Management. Sarah holds Maine teaching certifications for 5-12 science and adult life science. She is CSI-Maine’s principal contact with teachers and students.

Bill Zoellick photo

Bill Zoellick has been connecting teachers and students to scientists and to investigations that matter since 2006. In doing that work, he developed a strong interest in helping teachers help students learn how to work with real-world data. Since 2017 his work has focused on problems and investigations that matter to Maine communities. He also serves as Associate Editor for the journal, Citizen Science: Theory and Practice. Now retired from full-time work at Schoodic Institute, he serves as “Educator Emeritus” and continues to work on CSI-Maine’s shellfish resilience and Crowd the Tap projects, as well as with partners at the Downeast Institute, MDI Biological Laboratories, and the University of Maine.


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